Vidualize Rich Media Engine

Vidualize - Raising the Rich Media Delivery Standard to New Levels

Vidualize on Nokia S60

Today's mobile and embedded devices are driven by core software components delivering powerful user experiences based on advanced graphics standards.

The W3C Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) standard is the most powerful, open standard to deliver true time-based animation and graphics rich display on any device, be it mobile, embedded or desktop.

Today over 700 million mobile phones have been shipped with in-built support for SVG version 1.1 - more than twice as many as the nearest competing technology - FlashLite.

The number of SVG capable devices is growing at an exponential rate, and penetration onto the desktop has been made available through the Firefox and Opera web browsers.

Now, SVG version 1.2 has appeared with in-built support for video and audio capability. SVG 1.2 Tiny is a fully-fledged multimedia delivery standard capable of delivering true media experience and user interfaces on any device capable of processing it.

Vidualize delivers the SVG 1.2 Tiny solution for any target application. The engine provides the rendering and animation capability to support any form of rich media experience on any platform.

Minimal memory footprint and fastest rasterization engine available means lower CPU usage, faster display and longer battery life for mobile application.

Vidualize comes as a fully portable SDK that can be interfaced to any media codecs available on any platform. As a core component of next generation applications, Vidualize will give you the edge.

Support for XHTML and Compound Documents

Vidualize includes optional components to implement XHTML, CSS for true flexibility building Web 2.0 applications on any device.

World-first implementation of mixed XHTML and SVG content in a unified rendering model provides capabilities unavailable with any other implementation.

Combination of SVG and XHTML conforms to the upcoming W3C specified 'WICD' profile providing interoperable standards based solutions giving total compatibility with all 'WICD' compatible implementations, making the mobile experience identical to the desktop.

SVG data can be used as images, with text reflow and tabulated layout managed by the XHTML module allowing maximal designer flexibility for content authoring.

Custom SVG fonts embedded in SVG content may be displayed in reflowed XHTML content via the integrated CSS styling engine giving unprecedented power for repeatable display on any device guaranteed!

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Vidualize on desktop computer