About us

Abbra was founded in 2005 by graphics technology experts involved in the development of the W3C Scalable Vector Graphics standard.

SVG as a technology is rapidly becoming the vector graphics technology of choice for mobile application given its penetration into standards promoted by 3GPP and the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA).

Seizing on the opportunities made available by emerging mobile media delivery platforms, Abbra was created to build the best, fastest, most feature rich implementation of web standards in order to give OEM suppliers maximal flexibility in choosing both SVG vendor and product differentiation opportunities.

Recognizing a rapidly emerging market for state of the art solutions in the graphics and media delivery area, Abbra commenced development of the Vidualize rich media engine in 'stealth mode' aiming to displace the existing limited offerings available until now.

Vidualize, the first publicly released product by Abbra showcases an unprecedented level of graphical capability completely based on W3C and Unicode standards. The development team itself has over 20 years of embedded system and graphics rasterization design experience as well as several patents in computer graphics areas.

The graphics technology developed by Abbra represents the cream of collective experience. The result is unsurpassed speed and feature set.

Abbra itself is based in Sydney, Australia - the regular venue for W3C SVG standardization meetings for the past 6 years. Most recently Abbra hosted W3C CDF meetings in 2006 and 2007.

As leading edge technology specialists, Abbra continues to develop groundbreaking embedded device graphics solutions for immediate deployment.

For more information, contact us via email, or send enquiries to:

	PO Box 777
	Freshwater NSW 2096